Business Services

Improve productivity, efficiency and get clear visibility of tasks across your workplace.

Learn how Boombirds helped a fast-growing audit firm increase productivity

Whichever business function you manage in your organisation, be it finance and audit, human resources, production, purchasing, marketing, or customer support, you require reliable business processes. A well-defined workflow ensures that the appropriate tasks are assigned to the right resource and executed on time.

Boombirds manages your simple or complex processes, ad-hoc or recurring, and builds efficient linkages between teams, functional units and group silos.

Simply put, Boombirds helps you run your business in a simple, seamless manner.

Intuitively plan
your operations

Create, plan repeat tasks and assign service requests to the appropriate teams and increase the productivity of your resources.

Create and optimise
your workflows

Optimise service delivery with checklists ingrained in workflows, add custom forms and upload documents and images.

Bird’s-eye view across
the enterprise

Our Kanban-inspired, unobstructed view of tasks (To Do, Doing and Done) keeps you in control of all your tasks.

Collaborate with your
teams and customers

Engage in context-specific moderated communication and enable dialogues within a service request.

Take control of
your services

Allow users to reassign service requests. The push and pull option helps your teams become self-organised and productive.

cloud model

With the ability to securely access and manage all corporate data on the cloud, you will be able to manage your dispersed team with complete visibility.