Facilities Management

Boombirds is here to manage work orders, speed up services and delight your customers with unparalleled optimised processes with complete transparency!

Boombirds for Facilities Management is built to manage your mobile & geographically dispersed teams supporting the work or home environment. Whether you are running a home appliances services firm or managing facilities of large businesses we know your teams will need to adhere to certain standard operating procedures along their workflow.

Maintain consistent
quality of service

Boombirds helps to optimise your services workflow with embedded checklists, custom forms, documents and images. Whether you offer security, provide cleaning services or fix technical issues we help to monitor every service request from start to finish, to ensure timely completion.

Build stronger customer

Integrated logical workflows ensures you handle all service requests in an organised, systematic & hassle-free manner. Boombirds puts feedback at the center of your customer's experience, driving improved accountability and ownership.

Unified view of services,
workflows and conversations

Provide your customers & workforce a complete view of the services delivered. You can also collaborate with your customers through our wallboard and engage in context sensitive communication.

your field staff

Manage your workflow between your back office teams and field-force seamlessly and track them real-time. Allow your field-force to document the fulfillment of service requests.

Manage your
repetitive tasks

Create recurring service requests and schedule the same. You can also clone and modify service requests saving time in creating a service request.