Financial Services

Boombirds for financial & business operations helps your organisation to improve productivity, efficiency & provides clear visibility of tasks.

Learn how Boombirds helped a fast-growing audit firm increase productivity

Whether you are an audit practice, financial or tax consultant, insurance or broking firm we know you require strong business processes to ensure the appropriate task is assigned to the correct resource and executed on time.

Boombirds manages your simple or complex processes, ad-hoc or recurring, and builds efficient linkages between teams, functional units and group silos, enhancing your business’ operational abilities, in order to gain a competitive edge.

Furthermore, your customers can be kept fully informed on the status of their tasks at any given point of time.

Simply put, Boombirds helps you run your business in a simple, seamless manner.

Intuitively plan your financial
service operations

Create & assign service requests to the appropriate teams. Increase productivity of your resources with team-based allocation. With our recurring service option you can plan your repeat tasks and schedule them at your convenience.

Optimise your financial

Optimise service delivery with checklists ingrained in process steps, add custom forms and upload documents and images. Monitor every service request from start to finish to ensure timely completion.

Bird’s-eye view across
the enterprise

Our Kanban-inspired, clear view of tasks (To Do, Doing & Done) keeps you in control of all your tasks. Intelligent filters help you access reports real-time.

Collaboratively interact with
your team and customers

Engage in context-specific & moderated communication with your teams and customers from within a service request. Notify customers on updates. Analyse contextual reactions & ratings to improve business performance.

Take control of
your services

Allow users to reallocate assigned service request steps back to the unassigned task pool. Increase productivity with 'push' task feature and enable self organised teams with 'pull' feature from the unassigned pool.

cloud model

Centralised visibility and ability to securely access all corporate cloud data irrespective of where your teams are located.