Retail Logistics

Optimise retail logistics operations by defining workflows for office and field teams, along with live tracking of orders and consignment delivery.

With Boombirds, you will be able to align your processes by creating logical workflows along with checklists and forms. You will also be able to manage your consignment movement and track them real-time. Collaborate with customers and office teams with contextual communication and create a high level of engagement for your service.

Optimise your retail

Create and track consignments real-time with Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) based workflows.


Discussion within the service request provides relational contexts to both the customer and yourself.

Live tracking of

Track your consignments real-time and view delivery confirmations, store audits, sales order placements.


Stay up to date with elaborate Kanban-style (To Do, Doing and Done) boards designed to monitor and track what matters the most to you anytime, anywhere.

recurring services

With our recurring service option, you can plan and schedule repeat trips and tasks at your convenience. Use our clone service option to replicate your tasks.


With service, trips, pay-outs, pitstops and consignment reports, you can track and download the entire log of activities.