Transporter Logistics

Improve your logistics operations with comprehensive workflows & real-time tracking of your fleet.

Boombirds for logistics operations is a great tool to help you create, manage & track your fleet real-time. Simplify your fleet operations with a host of features such as merging of trips, delivery route planning and optimisation etc.

Manage trip schedules and deliveries using a smart Kanban board integrated with live maps and multidimensional filtering options to track what matters to your business.

Manage your tasks

Assign tasks to teams and allow members the ability to pick tasks based on their availability. This creates self-organised and accountable teams.

Create policy-driven
logistics workflows

Define standard operating procedures and customise workflows for all services along with checklists and forms in every step.

Live trip
tracking and management

Create and track trips, merge trips or change route plan real-time to save time and cost.

Plan your repeat
trips and tasks

Create recurring service requests for repeat trips and tasks. Clone your service requests and schedule the same.

Flexibly manage

Obtain pitstop reports, photologs, fuel refill receipts, tyre replacement receipts and vehicle information en route.


Configure trip surcharge, pay-outs and set a payment range for drivers to view on their mobiles.