Retail Logistics

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Our Pricing includes:
  • starSecure hosting, high availability, and responsive technical support
  • starHands-on training of new product features and configuration upgrades
  • starUp to 4 hours of personalised configuration assistance per month
  • starPay-as-you-go - the more the users the lower the average cost per user!

Customer Collaboration Free

  • Customer dashboard
    Provide customers with a complete view and status of their service requests
  • Wallboard communications
    Make announcements, or receive acknowledgements with customers
  • Contextual chat
    Chat with customers contextually and share case information within a service request
  • Email updates & notifications
    Share confirmations, acknowledgements, proof of service through emails
  • Inbound email queue manager
    Create inbound email-based service requests
  • Feedback & ratings
    Collect customer feedback and service ratings

Back Office Operations

  • Kanban smartboards
    Gain a multidimensional bird's eye view of service requests at various stages of fulfilment
  • Graphical Dashboard
    Visual representation of the operational key performance indicators
  • Unlimited process workflows
    Create unlimited workflows that are aligned with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Alternate workflows
    Skip steps or set rollbacks in processes to manage exceptions in linear workflows
  • Service compliance manager
    Create checklists and custom forms to ensure process compliance
  • Role-based permissions
    Create role-specific functions and permissions
  • Task delegation
    Create and delegate tasks to specific individuals for collaborative teamwork
  • Recurrence manager
    Schedule and manage repeat and contract services
  • Service cloning
    Duplicate workflow configurations and service requests
  • Bulk service import
    Import multiple service requests from spreadsheets
  • Service reports
    Generate reports on services rendered by date range, service type, and customer
  • Time-stamped activity logs
    View a detailed time-stamped log of activities performed at every step
  • Activity report by team & assignee
    Compile reports on services rendered by teams, assignees, date range, and service type

Audit Operations

  • Mobile Fulfillment
    Fulfill processes and services using the Android mobile app
  • Collect reporting data
    Embed customisable forms within workflow steps to collect and store critical process information
  • Advanced form configuration
    Leverage advanced and dynamic fields to auto-populate reporting data
  • Compliance management
    Monitor process compliance with audit checklists including evaluation and rating based on defined thresholds
  • Compliance scorecard
    A unified, detailed view of all compliance-related activities and metrics
  • Information log
    View a consolidated log of all the form information collected during service fulfilment
  • Compliance log
    View a detailed summary of compliance in every step of the service workflow

System Integrations

  • Cloud Storage Integrations
    Seamless document collection and storage using Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive
  • Email integration
    Configure your organisation's Office 365, Outlook and Webmail mailbox
  • Zapier integration
    Connect and integrate with other popular tools for automated workflows

Business Analytics

  • Compliance
    Track compliance scores by customer with insights to improve compliance coverage
  • Timeline
    Monitor SLA adherence by task/ activity and improve service quality
  • Effort
    Eliminate time overrun and boost service profitability, increasing the visibility
  • Productivity
    Analyse individual productivity; compare trends, set performance benchmarks

Field Service Operations

  • Live trip dashboard
    Monitor the status of ongoing trips on a Kanban-inspired dashboard
  • Real-time map view
    Monitor the geographical location of vehicles or field agents in a live map view
  • Service trip manager
    Plan field service delivery by mapping service locations to trips and optimising routes
  • Ad-hoc field trip manager
    Track and manage unplanned field service trips
  • Offline location tracker
    Track the location of field agents in the offline mode for low or no network areas
  • Beat planner
    Create a beat plan of customer locations that need to be serviced periodically
  • Batch trip planner
    Plan batch trips to service multiple customer requests within a single trip
  • Trip merger
    Merge planned trips to save operational costs and increase efficiency
  • On-field exception handling
    Force-stop trips or make amendments based on changes in circumstance
  • Fluid service planner
    Add new service locations to an ongoing trip
  • Pitstop manager
    Track breaks for rest, food, fueling, vehicle repairs, and maintenance activities
  • Payout manager
    Manage trip incentives and payouts for field staff
  • Vehicle manager
    Manage a fleet of vehicles and their assignment in service delivery
  • Service location manager
    Maintain a list of customer geolocations and frequently visited locations
  • Proof of visit
    Collect photographic proof of services delivered with geocodes and timestamps
  • Trip log
    View a complete timestamped activity log of the entire trip including distance travelled
  • Trip reports
    Generate trip reports by vehicle, field staff, and date range
  • Payout reports
    Gain complete visibility of service payouts by field staff and date range
  • Pitstop reports
    Generate reports on pitstops during trips by pitstop type, field staff, and date range
  • Field service reports
    Obtain comprehensive reports of every location serviced on the field by date range
  • Trip Policy
    Set your bespoke start and end governance for holistic trip management
  • Fatigue Management
    Set timer alerts to prompt drivers to take breaks at intervals to avoid fatigue
  • Field Trips
    Monitor field staff real-time during an ad hoc trip while they visit customer locations

Consignment Delivery Operations

  • Live consignment tracker
    Track consignment movements from the point of pickup to delivery
  • Consignment delivery planner
    Plan pick up and delivery of consignments by optimising routes and sequences
  • Live pickup & delivery notifications
    Receive real-time notifications on consignment pick up and delivery
  • Proof of pick up and delivery
    Collect timestamped photographic proof of consignments during pick up and delivery
  • Delivery notes with e-signature
    Obtain digitally signed customer acknowledgements
  • Fluid consignment planner
    Add new consignments to an ongoing trip
  • Consignment reports
    Generate in-depth reports on all consignments delivered by date range

Sales & Merchandising Operations

  • Order to delivery tracker
    Live-track products ordered from order to delivery in single or multiple consignments
  • Product catalogue manager
    Maintain, add, or remove items from a complete catalogue of products
  • Fluid order & delivery manager
    Amend product orders at any point during an ongoing trip
  • Returns manager
    Track product order returns and exchanges
  • Merchandising manager
    Track merchandiser movements as they fulfil service requests
  • Product order reports*
    * Coming soon
    View detailed reports on product orders placed and fulfilled by date range

Retail Logistics
Management Pricing

Boombirds for Retail Logistics is an all-inclusive cloud-based BPM software that is the perfect solution for retail organisations responsible for logistics and supply chain management operations. Take a look at our detailed feature list to learn how Boombirds’ Business Process Management software can help organisations such as yours optimise order delivery tracking, enhance merchandising process management, and improve the overall efficiency of retail operations.

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Done For You Options

Best for: busy leaders.

Save your valuable time; let us do the heavy lifting for you. Explore a diverse selection of subscription packages tailored to meet your needs, ranging from Bronze to Gold tiers.

    Included in our Bronze to Gold packages:
  • circle-lineReview and optimisation of processes during setup, done by our expert team (so you can hit the ground running).
  • circle-lineTeam training and project management
  • circle-lineAftercare support sessions to ensure you immediately see value

Starting from just USD 5,000

Want to learn more? Chat with us or ask a product specialist during your onboarding for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer yearly plans?

    If you pay for a year upfront (optional) you are eligible for a 10% discount. Feel free to choose this option later as well.

  • Do you restrict features with a free trial?

    Absolutely not, whichever solution you opt to try out you have full use of for the duration of the trial.

  • Do I have to provide my credit card details to start the trial?

    No! We want to ensure you feel no obligation so therefore you are free to start the trial and are only asked to add your credit card details once you decide to move ahead within or on completion of 14 days.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards. For enterprise customers we accept bank transfer.

  • Do you have a setup cost?

    Benefit from 5 onboarding sessions during the trial period. Our experienced Customer Support team will work with you to help you get up and running from Day One!

    All plans are month to month with no contracts, no setup fees and no hidden addons. Cancel or change your plan anytime.

    We do have customers who choose our "Done for you" service to help optimise your implementation, and save you time. Ask a product specialist during your onboarding for more details.

  • What is a "user"?

    Anyone accessing the core features (e.g., employees or collaborators who access Boombirds) are considered a user and will be charged 1 license each month. Your own customers do have the option to be included in the platform and they come at no additional cost*.

  • What if I change my mind?

    Your 14 day trial is free and during this time we provide 5 free video conference sessions to help onboard your team and transform your processes. You only provide a credit card when you are ready to formally subscribe. Of course should you no longer wish to keep your paid subscription you are welcome to cancel your plan before the next renewal cycle. You will keep access to your account and your data until the expiry, at which point you will no longer be charged and the data will be removed.

  • Can I use my debit card to pay for my subscription?

    No. Only credit card payments are allowed at the moment. Bank transfers are allowed for enterprise customers only.

  • Is Boombirds fully cloud-based or does it have an on-premises solution?

    Boombirds comes in two flavours. The subscription cost includes cloud hosting (SaaS) in our secure Amazon cloud environment in Singapore. For enterprise customers we also offer a private hosting (PaaS) model in your own cloud environment in AWS or Azure.

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