Remote work has suddenly become the norm with the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Forward-thinking, innovative leaders understand now is the time to get systems and processes in place to safeguard the future of their business.

If you're like most organisations right now, you're probably...

  • Trying to adapt to new remote work or work from home situations for yourself and your team
  • Wondering how you are ever meant to continue 'business as usual' when so much is unknown right now
  • Having to micromanage issues with your remote team and sporadic task accountability and management
  • Desperately trying to motivate your team and have them remain productive

You know things would be a whole lot easier if you could

  • Have full visibility of all tasks being allocated and handled by your team (and they each knew exactly what they were meant to be doing).
  • Maintain a 'business as usual' function as much as possible given the increasingly demanding current situation.
  • Quickly re-allocate tasks and processes based on ever-changing priorities.
  • Maintain open communication channels with your internal team, third party suppliers and customers.
  • Have processes set up so well that the transition back to the office will be seamless (and you’re well set up for another crisis if it happens).

This has always been the Boombirds way of doing business. Our customers have found their transition to remote work easier because they have made Boombirds the critical component of their remote working rules of engagement.

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