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Business Process Management Tool

Manage your workflow without changing the way you work!

Boombirds is an industry agnostic, easy to use, Business Process Management Software-as-a-Service.

Managing your tasks through Boombirds is not only easier but also ensures business process adherence, by organising them into logical, actionable, procedural-based workflows.

Whether you are a multinational enterprise or a small medium business, Boombirds has been built with flexibility top of mind. With our multiple network solution, users can be assigned varied roles, each with unique permissions, based on their different functions in an organisation but with a unified view of all their tasks.

Boombirds has integrated workflows, which can accommodate diverse and recurring services for office & field-based teams.

Invite your customers to Boombirds, for collaborative sharing and visibility of task progress. Optimise service quality & build stronger relationships with your clients. Put feedback at the forefront of the customer experience with contextual conversations, customer reactions and ratings.

Accelerate your success by keeping track of what matters.


Network-Based Configuration

Flexible network-based configuration

Proprietary design enables users to wear multiple hats with an easily accessible unified view.

Business Process Workflows

Simpler business process workflows

Unlimited, procedure-based process workflows ensure your teams remain more engaged, accountable and productive.

Service Management

Smarter Service Management

Leverage Kanban-inspired smartboards and team based task allocations to deliver effortless service management.

Field and Fleet Tracking

Effortless Field & Fleet Tracking

Track your fleet and/or field staff with real-time location based tracking and automated notifications.

Contextual Communication

Collaborative & Contextual Communication

Maximise customer and employee engagement by making feedback central to your customer's experience.