About the Client

VKDS, a growing audit firm in Chennai, has found an effective way to manage their day-to-day activities thereby increasing productivity & customer satisfaction.

VKDS is a fast-growing audit firm from Chennai, India. They provide audit, advisory, tax and other allied services for individuals and businesses. They are a 26-member team that includes 3 partners. Though they use other tools to manage their core audit practice, VKDS turned to Boombirds as a part of their digital transformation efforts. They were looking at streamlining their processes so they could manage their daily activities more efficiently.

“Boombirds has helped running the organization comfortably and has improved operational efficiency by 30%. It has created a new way to manage our operations and we can’t imagine going back to manual operations management. In fact to my business I now see it as important as email.”

- Mr. Venkatesh, Partner, VKDS

The Challenges

Tracking of tasks received from clients and allocating the same to the team for timely closure was a serious concern for VKDS.

It was becoming complex to manage their workflow, which impacted quality & consistency of services.

There was no visibility for their management team on whether tasks were being prioritised & completed on time. This had an impact on timely billing.

The Solution

Boombirds has helped management of tasks from receipt stage to delivery effectively, by providing a consolidated view of all tasks in a simple “To Do, Doing & Done” service board.

Defining & enforcing proper standard operating procedures has given VKDS a clear process for the team to follow and paved the way for minimal interactions and timely deliveries.

Supervision of workforce has become easier with active task tracking resulting in VKDS team’s increased accountability.


Boombirds has enabled VKDS to have complete visibility and transparency of tasks, thereby ensuring all tasks are tracked and no deadlines are missed. This in turn has improved productivity to a great extent. Ultimately, the partners’ satisfaction levels of managing their day-to-day operations has improved by 60% and now Boombirds has become a part of their business routine.

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