Digital Transformation (Dx) Platform for Business Process Compliance

So what is Business Process Compliance?

Governance, Risk, Compliance (GRC) and Business Process Management (BPM) were previously siloed, before GRC was grouped together as a single category.

Now Business Process Compliance (BPC) is an evolution, where BPM meets GRC. (Apologies for all the acronyms!..)

As a BPC we offer three key outcomes for our customers –

Accountability, Visibility and Compliance.

  • Accountability

    So that individuals, and teams, know what they should be working on. By promoting self-organised teams, it also ensures that work is assigned accordingly.

  • Visibility

    For everyone from the core operations team right up to the Senior Manager to see what is happening at any point in time. Visibility also on who is working on what and up to what point in the process they are.

  • Compliance

    Which means that no matter how simple or complex your SOP is and no matter how flexible or constrained you want the process to be, your teams can execute the work following your current best practice.

Solutions, not just sofware

Our winning formula

We use our decades of enterprise process re-engineering and change management experience to combine your existing business processes with our software, to quickly scale and see the results you are looking for.

We have adapted the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA Cycle) methodology to design an unparalled service to deliver the very best outcomes for our customers.

Lean is in our DNA

What does Lean really mean?

We know that for growing organisations SOPs are rarely digitised and hardly ever followed, and crucially that they must evolve over time, So continuous improvement and iteration are the key to success, Did you know that by making a 1% improvement every day after a year that’s almost a 38x return?

Continuous improvement is the fundamental principle of Lean. Under Lean comes Kanban and Value Stream mapping, and Agile to name a few.

We want to empower SMBs to leverage the many advantages of this methodology. So as opportunities are spotted then business owners can easily tweak any process and test its effectiveness with minimal change management required.

    Benefits of Lean:

  • Operational visibility

  • Augmented process efficiency

  • Increased productivity

  • Reducing process-related waste

  • Improved team focus

  • Prevention of burnout

  • Elimination of micromanagement

  • Simpler collaboration

  • Better team flexibility

  • Increased predictability

We guide you all the way

Perfect blend of Tier 1 Service Quality with startup agililty

Whether you take advantage of our free onboarding or our Done For You service our commitment is to help you see the results you are looking for in your business...FAST

So choose the best fit for you, and we'll be there to set you on the right path. Our team has extensive experience in large-scale global deployments. Our iterative, proprietary innovation methodology (DiSPEx) combined with transparent, proactive, and process-driven governance enables rapid delivery of your organisation's strategic objectives.

Once you are up and running choose from one of our tailor-made monthly managed services offerings to take advantage of regular strategic advisory insight sessions, hands-on training on exciting new features as well as a minimum of 8 hours of manpower to continue to give you that done for you experience.

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