Boombirds for Business Services offers companies a simple but effective way to digitise operations and increase efficiency by eliminating redundancies, enforcing adherence, and improving resource utilisation. It is an ideal solution for financial audit practices, legal services, and compliance management companies. It can also serve as an essential tool for enterprises that use logical process-based workflows such as customer on-boarding, employee on-boarding, complaint management, and more.

    Team Management

  • Assign service requests to teams and allow team members to proactively claim or reassign them from the activity board

  • Specify who can raise service requests and who can work on each step within the service request

  • Route new service requests to particular teams based on predefined rules

  • Reassign service requests back to source teams automatically for contextual follow-up

  • Allow for creation and delegation of ad-hoc tasks that can be completed outside of the normal workflow

    Procedural Compliance

  • Create an unlimited number of process workflows with intuitive steps and approvals

  • Capture vital information progressively within each step

  • Ensure process adherence by placing comprehensive checklists within each step

  • Enhance accessibility of commonly used webpages and reference sites through quick links

  • Skip steps or set rollbacks in processes to manage exceptions or uphold quality standards

    Service Requests

  • Define recurrence policies to automate the creation of requests for repeat services

  • Clone service requests with a single click of a button

  • Reduce manual effort by uploading and raising service requests in bulk from templates

  • Auto-create email-based service requests with inbound queue management

    Seamless Customer

  • Engage with customers through multi-channel communication – emails, in-app notifications, and context-sensitive chat

  • Provide customers with periodical updates within a service request

  • Share files or images to convey contextual case-related information

  • Create an extra level of engagement with customers to make announcements, collect feedback, or receive acknowledgements

    Improve Operational

  • Identify bottlenecks in every task and process with Kanban-inspired smartboards

  • Keep track of tasks that are assigned to individuals, teams, or raised for managed customers

  • Gain visibility of the status of each task with timestamped activity logs

  • Generate custom team and assignee-based reports on-demand

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