Boombirds has a wide range of features for organisations that offer order to delivery, retail distribution, sales, and merchandising operations. The intuitive platform goes above and beyond regular BPM capabilities to offer manufacturers, distributors, and merchandising managers the ability to drive efficient field operations, live track order deliveries, manage product returns, and enhance functional transparency.

    Distribution Operations

  • Create logical process-based workflows for order to delivery and distribution operations

  • Define, add, or remove items from your product catalogue with ease

  • Configure maximum and minimum order quantities for each product

  • Assign service requests to teams and allow team members to claim work from the activity board

  • Obtain vital information with custom forms and enable process adherence with checklists at every step

  • Define role-based settings by specifying who can raise and work on service requests and deliveries

    Order to Delivery

  • Live track the movement of orders from end-to-end

  • Select from simple and complete order tracking modes

  • View all orders in transit by tracking them in real-time on Kanban-inspired smartboards

  • Make amendments or force-stop trips based on changes in circumstance

  • Define ranges for payouts and configure surcharges for every trip

    Improve Field
    Operations Management

  • Build a beat plan of stores and outlets for merchandisers to visit periodically

  • Track merchandiser movements as they visit various locations and complete store audits

  • Create orders and manage product returns and exchanges on-site

  • Obtain trip logs and proof of visits for each store serviced

  • Track unplanned field trips and activities for new service requests and fulfilment

    Operational Planning

  • Improve order delivery by planning routes and assigning vehicles and staff for execution

  • Enable fluid delivery planning by adding orders to trips during the planning or fulfilment process

  • Add and manage a roster of customer locations for easy access

  • Create batch delivery trips to save operational time and effort

  • Merge multiple order deliveries within a single trip to optimise deliveries and save costs

  • Configure recurrence policies to automate repeat contract order management

    Customer Engagement

  • Allow customers to create orders and track their movements to delivery

  • Communicate with customers contextually by engaging through multiple channels – emails, in-app notifications, and case-sensitive chat

  • Provide customers periodical order updates throughout the order delivery process

  • Improve transparency by collecting proof of delivery and obtaining digitally signed customer acknowledgements

    Detailed Reporting
    and Logging

  • Obtain standardised time-stamped activity logs from order creation to delivery

  • Compile detailed trip-based reports for delivery, field, and merchandising visits

  • Generate reports and gain a holistic view of the order to delivery process

  • Access in-depth reports by assignee or team to measure efficiency

  • View comprehensive reports on orders, pitstops, payouts, and service requests

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