Boombirds for Transporter Logistics offers organisations a digitised operational experience and a way to create efficient logistics operations by simplifying fleet management, monitoring consignment movements, and driving procedural compliance. The solution is a perfect fit for freight forwarders, hauliers, transporters, and delivery operators that are looking to create consistent delivery experiences while gaining visibility of their consignments.

    Operational Efficiency

  • Curate logical process workflows for office and delivery operations that are aligned with organisational SOPs

  • Assign service requests to teams and allow team members to claim work from the activity board

  • Obtain vital information with custom forms and enable process adherence with checklists at every step

  • Define role-based permissions by specifying who can raise and work on service requests

    Fleet Management

  • Manage fleet of vehicles and drivers to track their trip assignments

  • Configure the wheel structure of vehicles in the fleet to record vehicle repair and maintenance

  • Account for fuelling stops, tyre changes, food breaks, and rest stops while keeping back office managers informed

  • Map drivers within the roster to vehicles and ensure road licensing compliance

    Delivery Planning

  • Improve delivery operations by creating route plans, assigning vehicles, and field staff

  • Enable fluid planning by adding consignments to trips at any point during the shipment process

  • Add and manage a complete roster of customer and frequently serviced locations for easy access

  • Create a batch trip to efficiently plan multiple deliveries within a single trip

  • Merge multiple service requests into a single trip to save costs and improve efficiency

  • Configure recurrence policies to automate repeat consignment movements

    Optimise First and
    Last-Mile Tracking

  • Choose from consignment tracking modes – simple or complete tracking

  • Live track the movement of consignments from order to delivery

  • View all active trips in real-time through comprehensive live-map views and Kanban-inspired smartboards

  • Make amendments or force-stop trips based on changes in circumstance

  • Define ranges for payouts and configure surcharges for every trip

    Holistic Customer

  • Enable customers to track consignments from pickup to the point of delivery

  • Communicate with customers contextually by engaging with them within a service request

  • Provide customers periodical updates to keep them informed of checkpoints throughout the delivery process

  • Improve transparency by collecting proof of delivery and obtaining digitally signed customer acknowledgements

    Reporting and Logging

  • Obtain standardised time-stamped activity logs leading up to consignment delivery

  • Generate reports and gain a holistic view of operations

  • Access in-depth reports by assignee or team to help gauge efficiency

  • View detailed reports on trips, consignments, pitstops, payouts, and service requests

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